SenangUrus ERP

Enterprise Resources Planning is an integrated suite of business applications , data analytics tools . SenangUrus ERP streamline processes and information across the entire organization

Integrated Business Suite

SenangUrus provide multiple software modules that automate processes and store data in a single data repository, which means important information is accessible to your entire organization.


Taxing Management
Receivable A/C
Payable A/C
Fixed Assets
Bank Management
General Ledger
Chart Of Accounts

Supply Chain


Human Capital


Setup & Planning

Product Catalog
Material Planning
Project Management
Customer Relationship

Transform your company with data-driven insights now.

Start transforming your business with automation and digitalization.

SenangUrus ERP presents the essential modules that are fundamental to run almost every business, while giving you the ability to control and manage your resources. The SenangUrus ERP is the best solution for your business; it integrates internal and external resources across your entire organization, embracing finance/accounting, sales and services, customer relationship management, procurement/purchasing, human resources and warehouses.

SenangUrus ERP is considered to be the ultimate business solution that combines high quality & powerful functionalities at a very affordable price. By adapting our tailoring concept and by allowing you to customize your own ERP system, we ensure that you will pay for what you really need.